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Activities are an integral part of Scouting, and what makes it so exciting for the young people involved.

Scouting as a whole undertakes activities from abseiling to canoeing; gang shows to mountain biking; orienteering to sailing – and so on! for a list of activities Scouts can do, please see the Activities A-Z on the UK Scout Association’s website.

Balanced Programme

Providing your Scouts with a programme that is both balanced and exciting is one of the most rewarding challenges for our leaders.

What we offer to young people is a range of activities, events and experiences built around a number of programme zones. We balance the programme in the same way you’d balance a diet, by simply ensuring that over a given period (a month or a term, for example), there is something from each zone in the Programme.

Young people experience Scouting by regularly taking part in quality activities, drawn from each programme zone. Personal achievement can be recognised by earning awards and badges leading to the Chief Scout’s Awards and the Queen’s Scout Award.

Find out more at www.scouts.org.uk/supportresources

Download the badge app

My Badges is The Scout Association’s official badge app and is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Ideal for quick reference at meetings or camp, it contains the requirements for every badge and award in the UK 6-25 programme.

The Scout Association’s first smart phone app is perfect for volunteers, parents and young people alike. It contains a host of features to make Scouting easier wherever you happen to be, including:

Requirements for every badge and award in the UK 6-25 programme (any changes to badges and award requirements will automatically be sent to your iPhone or iPod Touch)

  • Ability to track personal progress
  • Promise and Law for all ages (including all permissible variations)
  • Interactive badge position diagrams
  • Ability to share email and SMS links to scouts.org.uk (iPod Touch – email only)

With images of every badge, participating in the programme is now easier and more fun for all Scouts. Mums and dads will also be pleased with the badge positioning facility – now there’s no need to guess.

‘I’ve already downloaded the My Badges App,’ says Tom Hylands, an Explorer Scout Leader. ‘As a volunteer I’m going to find it really useful to use when I’m out and about as it gives me access to key information whenever and wherever I need it.’

Watch a video of the app in action.

Download My Badges, The Scout Association’s official badge app for iPhone and iPod Touch. The app is also available for Android phones.

Scouting in the Community

Scouting has a positive impact on communities across the UK. Strong values and making a positive contribution to society have always underpinned our movement.

You are now likely to find us planting trees, leading recycling schemes and helping older people use the internet. As a movement, Scouting is not afraid to change and while our values remain constant, what we do must evolve to meet the needs of today’s society.

But exactly how much does Scouting contribute?

  • Some 88% of our young people said scouting has helped them develop key skills
  • 97% reckoned Scouting helped them make friends and build relationships with other people.
  • More than 90% of Scouting’s volunteers say it has helped them develop personal and practical skills.
  • 36% of former members volunteer regularly (as least two hours per week) set against only 26% of the general population.

‘Helping in the community makes me feel I have achieved something,’ says Amy, a 14-year-old explorer Scout. ‘We did a sleep out to raise money on World Homeless Day. I met homeless people and saw for myself the problems they face.’

So the next time you see a Scout in the street, look beyond the woggle and neckerchief – you’re looking at a citizen of the future and one of tomorrow’s leaders today. Better still, offer to give a little time yourself.


Scouting is a charity, and great scouting requires sufficient funds – to run camps, purchase equipment, provide badges and so on … if you are interested in a detailed understanding of costs then read the article below on ‘Subs’. Please help us raise money so that we can continue to offer a high quality Scouting experience.

See below for a list of our fundraising activities – and please let us know if you can help out or have any new ideas!

Subs – What do They Cover?

There can be confusion about the subscriptions, ‘subs’, that are paid by, or on behalf of, all members of the Scouting Organisation. In this article we attempt to explain why these are needed and how they are collected.

All Scouting Groups need to pay for their various running costs, and the Group Executive decides on a local rate to cover these, which typically include:

  • Rent
  • Buildings and/or equipment insurance
  • New & replacement Group equipment, such as tents
  • Award badges, certificates, etc.
  • Cost of local activities e.g. food for events, equipment hire, etc.
  • Plus an amount paid to help fund the Scouting District and National Scouting costs – Members Capitation

These are normally collected each (school) term. In addition, the Scouting District have their own group, the Explorer Scouts, and it sets and collects subs in the same way.

Similarly, the Scouting District needs to pay its costs, and the District Executive decides on a District annual subscription rate, which is then collected from the Groups & Explorers via a Members’ Capitation within the month following the Annual Census on 31 January. District costs can be, for example:

  • Insurance for Buildings and District equipment e.g. trailer etc.
  • New & replacement District equipment e.g. archery, barbeques, etc.
  • District event badges, certificates, awards, etc.
  • Support for District activities e.g. Cub Fun Run, Beaver Outing, etc.
  • Annual Capitation – paid to Norfolk County Scouts and to Scouts HQ to cover their costs

The money paid to Norfolk County Scouts and to Scouts HQ, is used to ensure all young people and leaders are covered by insurance while on Scouting activities, and the balance is used to fund County and HQ services.